Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Stolen Leaves and Cuttings [2]

The Evangelist symbol of Matthew, an Angel
Historiated initial 'I' on a leaf from a Missal in Beneventan script
Italy, Puglia, 11th century
347 × 248 mm

I have been asked to spread the word about a number of leaves and cuttings that were stolen from a private collection in London a few years ago. Rather than post them all at once, I will aim to do one per day for the next several days, and then do a cumulative list that you can print out and keep handy for future reference. Please circulate the details to colleagues. If you see, or have seen, any of them please contact info@samfogg.com


  1. Hi, Peter,

    As you know, a sister of this leaf is no. 17 in the Beyond Words catalogue (http://beyondwords2016.org/catalog#missal). Is the stolen leaf the ex-Breslauer leaf that I cite in my entry (Voelkle, Wieck, and Saffioti (1992), p. 155)?

  2. Yes, if you look at the full-page plate (in black and white) in the Breslauer catalogue you'll see it's one and the same.


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