McCarthy Catalogue vol. III (French Illuminations)

 The first version of this list is being uploaded in early November 2021; I will date future additions.

  • No. 9. Florus of Lyon and Didymus the Blind
    • The leaf with the end of Florus, II Corinthians and beginning of Galatians (listed as Whereabouts unknown; reproduced in Les Enluminures, 1995, p. 37), is now oened by C.E. Puckett; see the updated Membrai disiecta page here.
    • The leaf with Didymus 42-49 is now (2021) with King Alfred's Notebook (description and images archived here).
  • No. 17. The Chudleigh Bible
    • The Joshua leaf is Pirages, Catalogue 78 (2021), no. 11.
  • No. 18. Justinian, Digest
    • François Avril (personal communication) suggests that the parent volume was written at Bologna, c.1200, and illuminated at Orléans, c.1250-60.
    • Two leaves are Berkeley, MS Robbins 98 (Digital Scriptorium).
    • One leaf is NYC, Columbia University, Western MS 81 (ex-Christie's, 2 June 2004, part of lot 1) (Digital Scriptorium).
  • No. 22. Lectern Bible
    • Fol. 106, with Judges 18:17-20:16, has been given by Consuelo Dutschke to the Grolier Club.
    • The leaf cited in endnote 19 was being offered for sale separately in October 2021.
  • No. 34. Goffredo di Trani
    • François Avril (personal communication) suggests that the illuminator was also responsible for Paris, Bibliothèque Mazarine, MS 1295.
  • No. 36. The "Ste-Genevieve" Bible
    • This Bible has now been the subject of a thesis by Rose McCandless: Seeing the Exceptional in the Unexceptional: Reconstructing the Josephinum Bible, OSU, 2021 (abstract and link to PDF here).
    • The binding and flyleaves have been acquired by Ohio State University. I am grateful to Eric Johnson for sending me images, and for confirming that the document dated 1224 is (as I surmised) a modern printed facsimile on paper.
    • p. 140, col. 2: for Amos read Obadiah.
  • No. 38. Bible
    • The leaf with the beginning of I Esdras (cited as Private Collection, Grimsby) was sold from the collection of Rogert Martin at Bloomsbury Auctions, 6 July 2021, lot 40 (D) (saved to here).
  • No. 59. Leaf of a Pontifical
    • The stock number "27757" is that of Leo Olschki (see this blogpost).
  • No. 60. The Bible of "Mirmelus Arnandi".
    • François Avril has kindly shared with me his catalogue entry for a leaf in the forthcoming catalogue of the Naito Collection at the National Museum for Western Art, Tokyo, in which he shows that "Mirmelus Arnandi" is a misreading, and that the correct name allows this owner to be identified, as well as the Dominican convent to which he donated the Bible.
    • The leaf with the Lamentations initial, Jeremiah Lamenting, was Christie's, 9 December 2020, part of lot 9 (an Ege portfolio), and is now at the Houghton Library. It has the quire signature "xxvii" (online here).
    • The leaf with the St James initial was sold at Christie's, 14 July 2021, lot 7, and subsequently appeared in a catalogue of illuminations of Stephen Butler Rare Books (online from here); as this leaf had the end of Acts, the Acts initial must therefore be no. 79.
  • No. 61. The Mailhac-Faber Bible
    • The Mark initial is on page 317 of the Bible.
    • The Prologue to Romans (p. 393) is Pirages, catalogue 78 (2021), no. 17.
  • No. 62. Henry of Segusio
    • François Avril (personal communications) suggests that the parent manuscript should be attributed to Orléans. He also observes that:
    • The Table of Bigamy from this manuscript is Chicago, Art Institute, 1929.277 (online here)
    • The Table of Consanguinity is Cleveland Museum of Art, 1954.1 (online here)
    • A leaf with a historiated initial is Philadelphia, Free Library, Lewis EM 66:17 (online here)
  • No. 63. Justinian, Digest
    • François Avril (personal communication) suggests that the parent manuscript should be attributed to Orléans.
  • No. 69. Choir Breviary from Agen(?)
    • For a blogpost about this manuscript, see here.
  • No. 77. Scheide Psalter-Hours
    • The leaf with the Presentation in the Temple and Flight into Egypt are owned by Mark Marsiowsky; it was bought at the cited Venator & Hanstein auction.
  • No. 81. Dominican Breviary
    • For fig. 81.1 read fig. 81.2 and for fig. 81.2 read fig. 81.1.
    • The leaf with the Cosmas and Damian initial was in the Roger Martin sale at Bloomsbury Auctions, 6 July 2021, lot 57 (archived here).
    • The leaf with the Hosea initial is Christie's, 15 December 2021, lot 7.
  • No. 82. Miniature from Gulielmus Durandus
    • For Southern France read France.

Nos. I, 1bis-71bis (catalogue entries are by Gaudenz Freuler)

  • No. 1, 20bis
    • Nine sister-cuttings are in the Cleveland Museum of Art (Inv. 1954.131.1-9) [Added 26 Nov. 2021]

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