Otto Ege's 12th-Century Italian Lectionary (HL 3)

For anyone not familiar with such manuscripts, you just need to know that a Gospel Lectionary / Evangeliary / Evangelistary (the terminology varies) contains the readings from the gospels that are spoken by the deacon at mass. (The parts read by the priest are contained in a Sacramentary; the readings from the Epistles, read by the subdeacon, are contained in an Epistle Lectionary, or Epistolary; and the sung parts are contained in a Gradual).

There is considerable variety in the manuscripts, but they are typically arranged like other liturgical books, with:
  • Temporale: mainly of moveable feasts (dependent on when Christmas and Easter fall in a given year), usually running from the beginning of Advent to the week before Advent in the following year, up to 25 Sundays after the octave of Pentecost (or -- as seems likely in the present case -- from Christmas Eve to the end of Advent)
  • Sanctorale: mainly saints' feast days (with fixed dates), usually starting from the feast of St Catherine (25 Nov.) or St Andrew (30 Nov.), because these are major feasts that occur at about the same date as the beginning of Advent (or -- as seems likely in the present case -- from St Sylvester, 31 December, to St Thomas, 29 December)
  • Common of Saints: texts for classes of saint (in hierarchical order from apostles and martyrs to confessors and virgins) who are not important enough to have their own distinct ("proper") texts 
  • Dedication of a Church, and often other votive masses
Here are the leaves from the ex-Ege Gospel Lectionary of which I am aware; please let me know of others (

[First quire missing (according to von Scherling, 1937)]
[fol. 1  beginning in the 2nd week after Epiphany (according to von Scherling, 1937)]
[fol. 2  Dominica III post Epiph.]
fol. 3r  [Fer IV] (Mk 3:4-5); Fer. VI (Mt 4:23-25); Sabb. (Mk 3:6-15); and
fol. 3v  Dom. IV post Epiph. Mt 8:23 (Sotheby's, 15 June 2021, lot 2)

fol. _  [Sabb.] (Lk 9:52–56); Dom. in LX (Lk 8:4–15) (Dunedin, Reed MS 42; ex-Maggs, Bulletin 11 (1982) no. 20)

fol. 10r  [...] (Mt 8:8-13); Feria VI (Mt 5:43-6:4), in the week before XL, and
fol. 10v  Rubric (only) for Sabb. (University of Minneapolis)
fol. 11r  Sabb. Mk 6:47-56
fol. 11v Dom. I in XL Mt. 4:1-7 (Houghton, MS Typ. 704.13) 

fol. 16r  Fer. VI, Sabb. Jn 5:10-15; Mt 17:1-9 and
fol. 16v Dom. II in XL. (Mt 15:21-22) (Jim Sims Collection) [2]

[Dom. III]

fol. 19r?  [Sabb.] (Jn 8:?-11);
fol. 19?v  Dom. IV in XL (Jn 6:1-9) (Pirages, Catalogue 46, no. 1021 (ill. of verso)

[Passion Sunday]

fol. _r  [Feria II after Passion Sunday] (Jn 7:37-39); Feria III (Jn 7:1-8) [Ege Microfilm Archive]
fol. _v [Feria III continued] (Jn 7:[8]-13); Feria IV (Jn 10:22-26) (Maggs, Eur. Bull., 13 (1986), no. 11 (det. ill.)

[Palm Sunday]
[Holy Monday]
fol. 55r-v Holy Tuesday. (Mk 15:17-36) (Chapel Hill)

fol.__ (Lk 23:8-17) (Jackson Collection, Boulder, CO)

fol. 63r  [Holy Weds]. Lk 23:[?]-53, and
fol. 63v  Maundy Thursday. Jn 13:1-8 (Cincinnati Public Library)
fol. 64  Good Friday. Jn 13:8-15, 18:1-10 (Cleveland Museum of Art) [1]

fol. 69  Holy Saturday (Greensboro, NC)

fol. 72  Feria III-IV after Easter Sunday (Amherst, MA)
fol. 73  Feria V (Ohio State)

[Easter Sunday]

fol. 85  Pentecost. Jn 14:19-21; 22-31; 3:16-17 (Beinecke)
fol. 86r  [Pentecost continued] (Jn 3:17-21) Feria III (Jn 10:1-10)
fol. 86v  Feria IV. (Jn 6:44-46) (Stony Brook)

[Octave of Pentecost
Dom. I post oct. Pent.]

fol. 78?r  [...] (Jn 10:16); Feria IV (Lk 24:1-12)
fol. 78?v Dom. II Post Oct. Pasc. (Jn 16:16-19) (Case Western) 

fol. 79?r  [..] (Jn 20:13-18); Feria VI (Mt 28:16-20) 
fol. 79?v  Sabb. (Jn 20:1-5) (Saskatchewan)

fol. 91r  [Sabb.] (Lk 14:24); Dom. III (Lk 15:1-10)
fol. 91v Feria IV (Mt 5:25-28) (Houghton, MS Typ 953)

fol. __r/v [..] (Mk 11:23-24); Dom. IIII (Lk 6:36-42) (Maggs, Eur. Bull., 21 [1997], no. 76 (ill.))

[Dom. V -- Dom. XIV]

fol. 107/8 [Dom. XV] (Mt 6:28-33); Feria III (Mt 5:33-35) (Glencairn Museum)

fol. 109r  [Sabb.] (Lk 20:2-8); Dom. XVI (Lk 7:11-16)
fol. 109v Feria IV (Mk 8:22-26) (UC Santa Barbara)

[Dom. XVII]

fol. 112?r [Dom. XVIII] (Mt 22:35-46)
fol. __v [verso not known] (RISD, Providence, RI)

fol. 114r  Dom XVIIII. Mk 12:32-43; Mt 9:1-8; and
fol. 114v Feria IV. Mk 2:1-6 (Jim Sims Collection) [2]

[Dom. XX -- XXII]

fol. 119r   Feria III-IV. Mt 18:33-35; Mk 11:23-26; and 
fol. 119v  Dom. XXIII, Feria IV. Mt 22:15-21, 17:24 (U. of Minnesota)
fol. 120  Dom. XXIV
fol. 121  Feria VI (Columbia, USC)
fol. 122  Dom. XXV (Cleveland Public Library)
fol. 123  Feria VI (Denison)

fol. __r  Dom. II ante Nat. Dni. [before Christmas] (Mt 11:2-10), and 
fol. __v  Feria IV (Mt 11:11-15); Feria VI (Mk 1:1-5) (Reading University, ex-Jupe Collection)

fol. 126r  [? Feria III after Dom. I ante Nat. Dni] (Jn 1:27-28); Feria IV (Lk 1:26-38), 
fol. 126v  Feria VI (Lk 1:39-42) (Boulder, CO)

Sanctorale (starts on fol. 129v)
[fol. --- Jan. 17: St Sabinus -- recorded by Von Scherling, 19

fol. --- May 1: Sts Philip & James (Rochester, NY)

fol. 137r  June 29-July 7: Cues for Paul-Anontinus; Octave of Peter & Paul (Mt 14:22-33; and
fol. 137v  July 10: The Seven Brothers (Mt 12:46-49) (Boston Public Library)

fol. 140r  ... (Lk 19:26-28)
fol. 140v  Aug. 2-10: cues for Stephen to vigil; St Laurence (Jn 12:24-26) (Newark Public Library)
fol. 141r  Aug. 10-14: Laurence continued (Jn 12:26); cues for Tiburtius, Hypolitus & Cassianus; vigil (Lk 11:27-28); Assumption (Lk 10:38-40) (Kent State)
fol. 142  Aug. 23: St Archelaeus (reported by von Scherling, 1937)
fol. 143  Sept. 21: Matthew, preceded by vigil (Massey College)
fol. 144r  Sept, 29: St Michael (Mt 18:1-10), and
fol. 144v Sept. 30 - Oct. 28: cues for Sts Jerome-Luke; Simon & Jude (Mt 10:1) (Kenyon College)

Common of Saints
fol. 148  The Nativity of one Apostle. Jn 15:7-11, 12-16, 17-22 (Ohio)
[leaf missing, or next leaf out of order: foliation continuous, but not text:]
fol. 149r  [...?] (Lk 10:5-7); (Mt 5:14-19); and
fol. 149v More than one Martyr (Lk 6:17-21) (Houghton Library; ex-Christie's, 9 Dec. 2020, lot 9)

fol. 154  ? End of more than one Apostle. Mt 19:3-11; Lk 11:47-53 (Wadsworth Athenaeum) [1]
fol. 155  One Martyr. Lk 11:53-54; Mt 10:34-42, 10:26, 16:24-27 (Ontario College of Art & Design) [1]

fol. 157  Confessors (Lima Public Library)

fol. 159  [Text not specified in catalogue; no images] (Morgan Library & Museum, MS M.1021.3)


[1] Images kindly sent to me by Lisa Fagin Davis, and added here 30 May 2021.

[2] Images kindly sent to me by Jim Sims, and added here 30 May 2021.

Yet to be identified/placed:

fol. __r/v   [Feia IV] (Mt 12:50); Feria V "Dicebat Ihesus ad eos qui crediderunt ei Iudeos" (Jn 8:31-39) (King Alfred's Notebook, 2015)

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