The Goodspeed Bible

This page contains the list of leaves previously presented in 2018 here, with additions.

  • Numbers 13:7–16:6
    Vassar College, NY, Scheetz MS 16
  • Numbers 19:20–22:4
    Chicago, Newberry Library, Case MS 210
  • Nehemiah 13:30–end; I Esdras. Iosias offering a lamb on an altar; Tobit prologue (S. 332); Tobit 1–2:15. Tobit asleep, the swallow in a nest above his head.
    Houghton, MS Typ. 30 (images)
  • Tobit 13:4–(end); Judith prologue (S. 335); Judith 1:1–(end). Judith Beheading Holofernes; Esther prologue; Esther 1:1–2:8. Esther, full length.
    Syracuse University, NY (description and images)
  • Job. [Two historiated initials, subjects not known].
    London, private collection (olim Goodhart; with “2 miniat. in initials” according to de Ricci, Census, p. 1680 no. 21).
  • Psalm 1. David harping
    Psalm 26. David pointing to his eye
    Psalm 38. Woman(?!) pointing to her mouth
    Psalm 52. The Fool
    Psalm 68. David in water, God above
    Psalm 80. Monk ringing bells
    Psalm 97. Four Franciscans singing
    Psalm 109. The Father and Son, seated, blessing
    Proverbs prologues (S. 457, S. 456!)
    Houghton, MS Typ 705 (description)
  • Isaiah 41:9-43:12
    Keio University
  • Jeremiah prologue (end of S. 487); Jeremiah 1:1–end (with gaps). Jeremiah seated; Lamentations 1:1–4:8. Not historiated.
    Houghton, MS Typ. 30.1 (images) (consecutive with the following:)
  • Lamentations 4:8–(end); Baruch prologue (S. 491); Baruch 1:1–2:11. Baruch as a scribe.
    Pittsburg, CA, Private collection. Formerly Philip Pirages, Catalogue 60, no. 303 (col. ill. pl. 7 and detail on back cover)
  • Baruch 6:49–end; Ezekiel prologue (S. 492); Ezekiel. Ezekiel's Vision. Daniel prologue (beginning of S. 494; consecutive with the following leaf).
    Newberry Library, Case MS 130 (description)
  • Daniel prologue (end of S. 494); Daniel 1:1–(end). Daniel seated with an open book (in the lions’ den?); Hosea prologues (S. 500, beginning of S. 507).
    Private collection, Geneva (ex Christie’s, 2003) (images and description)
  • Joel 1:15–end; Amos prologues (S. 515, S. 512); Amos 1:1–1:3. Amos with his sheep.
    Dartmouth College, Rauner Library, MS 2280 (image)
  • Zephaniah 3:15–(end); Haggai prologues (S. 538, S. 535!); Haggai 1:1–2:20. Haggai standing with a scroll.
    Rauner Library, MS 2280 (image)
  • Malachi 3:17–(end); Maccabees prologues (S. 551, S. 553); I Maccabees. A mounted soldier in armour, with a shield and lance. II Maccabees. A mounted soldier in armour, with a shield and sword. Matthew prologues (S. 59, S. 589).
    UCLA, Rouse Collection, MS. 4.
  • Ephesians. St Paul
    Whereabouts unknown; formerly Edward Lubin, European Illuminated Manuscripts [1985], no. 13 and Bruce P. Ferrini, Catalog 1: Important Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts ... [1987], no. 23; image at the bottom of this page.
  • Philippians. St Paul half-length
    Akron, OH, Charles Puckett (seen in 2022)
  • Interpretations of Hebrew Names, Names beginning with “N”–“O”.
    Boston University, School of Theology, MS STh 58.

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