Thursday 21 May 2015 is offline

EDIT 16 June 2015: Someone has apparently paid to extend the registration for another 12 months, and the site is active again.


Erik Drigsdahl's registration of his domain,, has expired.

The details on the Danish whois site read:

I downloaded a copy of the site recently using wget, and copies are archived at's Wayback Machine. This should suffice for the time being.

I will be visiting Copenhagen in July to meet with Erik's Executor, and anticipate being able to obtain his original files, and make the entire site available again, although perhaps not at the address.

Saturday 2 May 2015

Erik Drigsdahl (1942–2015)

There can hardly be a student of illuminated manuscripts that does not know, and has not benefited from, the website of Erik Drigsdahl at His online tools and guides for identifying the liturgical Use of Books of Hours has perhaps contributed more to the accurate localisation of manuscripts, and thus their earliest provenance, than any other resource.

Erik Drigsdahl, London, 2009

A Fourth Leo X Cutting

I'm too busy to do proper blog-posts at the moment, but here's a recent find, relating to the previous posts here, here, and here.

From Maggs, European Miniatures and Illumination: Bulletin No.6 (London, n.d. [between 1966 and 1971]), no.44