The Pontigny Copy of Florus of Lyon and Didymus the Blind

The manuscript is discussed in the blogpost here.

Vol. I. Florus, Romans and I Corinthians (lost; recorded in the 12th-century Pontigny catalogue)

Vol. II. Florus, the rest of the Pauline Epistles, and Didymus the Blind On the Holy Spirit:

  • Florus, II Corinthians–Galatians. Whereabouts unknown (reproduced in Les Enluminures, 1995, p. 37). 
    • EDIT, 4 Sept. 2021: This description by Scott Gwara reveals that this leaf belongs to C.E. Puckett.
  • Florus, Galatians 1. Private collection
  • Florus, Galatians 2. Jim Sims, Maryland
  • Florus, Galatians 3. Whereabouts unknown (reproduced in Ferrini, Bulletin Four [Akron, 1997/98], no. 45 [])
  • Florus, Galatians 3 (with quire signature 'IIII'). Christopher de Hamel, London
  • Florus, I Timothy–II Timothy. Auxerre Cathedral, MS 3, fols. 1r–6r
  • Florus, Titus–Philemon. Auxerre Cathedral, MS 3, fols. 6r–8v
  • Florus, Hebrews (with quires signature 'XVI'). Auxerre Cathedral, MS 3, fols. 8v–10v
  • Florus, Hebrews 11–12. C.W. Dutschke, New York
  • Florus, Hebrews 12. Private collection, Michigan
  • Florus, Hebrews–Didymus. McCarthy collection; bought from Ferrini
  • Didymus, parts of 10–11, 14–6. Kentucky, U. of Louisville, Pzena no. 2006.mss.01
  • Didymus 10–21. Jim Sims, Maryland
  • Didymus 37–39. Phillip J. Pirages, Catalogue 78 (2021), no. 5.
  • Didymus 42–49. Whereabouts unknown; formerly C.E. Puckett, inv. IM-6738.
  • Cutting of 5 lines from 1 column
Every leaf whose whereabouts is known, and the cutting, were acquired by their present owners from C.E. Puckett, except for the McCarthy leaf.

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