Sunday 4 February 2024

She's still at it


Some people may think that Carla Rossi has done the sensible thing and slipped quietly into well-deserved obscurity, hoping that memories are short and people will forget that she was exposed as serial plagiarist by several independent newspapers, other organisations, and many individual scholars from at least six different countries.

Perhaps encouraged by the fact that for several months I have not bothered to respond to, or refute, her tediously repetitive and lengthy screeds of falsification, lies, and playing the victim, she has in fact continued to attempt to gaslight anyone who will read her words, e.g. on the Oprom website here:

I would prefer to just forget about her and not waste any more time on the issue, but as she is unwilling to let the matter drop, she has prompted me to start responding again. (This could become the first of many posts!)