Friday, 9 September 2016

Medieval Manuscripts from Augsburg

It has occurred to me that this blog gives me way of publicly thanking people for various acts of kindness. For example, when writing posts about a Psalter leaf at Harvard, and its closely related leaves in New York, I found an online reference to an article by Andrea Worm. I contacted her, hoping for a PDF of it, but she immediately offered to send me a copy of the whole hardcopy publication. As it may be of interest to others, I provide here the title and table of contents:

Martin Kaufhold (Hrsd.), Städtische Kultur im mittelalterlichen Augsburg (Augsburg, 2012)
[click to enlarge]
Andrea's article occupies pp.20-53, and includes 30 colour plates, many of them full-page. Although not all directly about manuscripts, the others reproduce medieval manuscripts and documents.

The book is available from the publisher, at a bargain price, here.

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