Monday, 9 March 2015

1902 Forrer Catalogue now available online

It seems that Google scanned Robert Forrer's Unedierte Federzeichnungen Miniaturen und Initialen des Mittelalters (Strassburg, 1902) at the end of December 2014. Even though it appears not to be available in the UK through Google (except as snippet views) it is available through

Unfortunately the second volume (1907) does not seems to be available yet; presumably it falls just the wrong side of a copyright cut-off date.

The first volume includes several cuttings from a Lives of Saints (perhaps a Golden Legend), now attributed to the Master of Monza:
of which other cuttings turn up on the market with some frequency; two were at Christie's, 6 July 2011, lots 2 and 3:

and one was recently acquired by RISD:

We encountered another cutting in the Forrer catalogue:
in a previous post about the Wildenstein Collection:

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