Monday, 14 October 2019

Medieval Manuscripts at Keio University

[The Patou Bible at the Free Library, Philadelphia, about which I blogged a week ago, turns out to be more complex and interesting than I had anticipated, so the next posts will have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime, readers may be interested to learn of a new publication.]

Thanks to Richard Linenthal I recently became aware of an exhibition of manuscripts belonging to Keio University, and thanks to the kindness of Takami Matsuda, I have a copy of the catalogue. A detail of the front cover, showing the English title, is above.

It comprises a catalogue of more than 100 items, each with at least one colour image, and often two (sometimes recto and verso, or full-page plus detail). Here, for example, is the leaf written by Bartolomeo Sanvito, which I blogged about here:
[As always, click images to enlarge]
Here is a leaf from the Goodspeed Bible that I did not know about when I wrote this blogpost:

And here is a Bible leaf that will appear in the forthcoming volume of the McCarthy collection, covering French items:

At the end of the volume is a full checklist of about 250 manuscripts, leaves, cuttings, and fragments (only documents in the Diplomatics collection are excluded); here is a sample page:

The catalogue can only be obtained by contacting Keio, but at 1000 Yen (less than £8 / €9 / $10), plus postage, it is very good value for money. To order a copy, you can go to where you will see this:

and a link to the Publications Order Form page (in Japanese and English).

With Google Translate, the title "The Ultimate Materiality" becomes "The ultimate texture":

Edit 15 Oct. 2019:
See the second Comment below for further contact details.


  1. Thank you, Peter, for your comment on the Keio University exhibition. The library gave me the following address to order an catalogue:
    General Affairs Section
    Mita Media Center
    Keio University
    2-15-45 Mita,
    Minato-ku, Tokyo
    108-8345, JAPAN


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