Sunday, 10 March 2019

David Pearson, Provenance Research in Book History: A Handbook, 2nd edition, 2019

The first edition of David Pearson's, Provenance Research in Book History: A Handbook (1994) has been a frequent source of help to me since 1994, and I am delighted that a new revised edition has just been published.

Relevant to my post yesterday, Pearson devotes a whole chapter to bookplates and book labels (pp.68-112). Here are two of the pages in which he discusses and illustrates some of the types of bookplate mentioned in that post (as usual, click the image to enlarge it):

The new edition does not seem to be available through yet, but is on at £55: a modest increase on the £40 price of the original 1994 edition and its 1999 reprint, and considerably better value than the cost of buying the older editions second-hand!:

Edit 17 March 2019:
US customers can order copies direct from the US publisher, Oak Knoll, for $86.
UK customers who would prefer all their money to go to the Bodleian, rather than Amazon, can order it direct from the UK publisher at £55.

Despite what I wrote in the original blogpost, it seems that the book is not officially published until April. I have been sent a review copy; the review should appear in the Autumn issue of the Book Collector.

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