Saturday 25 May 2019

Another "Spanish" Forger?: An Addendum

A follow-up from last weekend's post.

The interface for the digitized Wellesley manuscripts allows browsing of thumbnails, a slideshow of larger (but still small) images, and downloading of individual high resolution images, but no easy way (as far as I can tell) of scrolling/browsing high resolution images. For this reason I have not looked through all the images properly.

But today I downloaded the hi-res image of the upper pastedown, to which are stuck two clippings from old Sotheby's catalogues:
Wellesley College, MS 29 [source]
The first of them has been amended in pencil: "probably Flemish work" has been crossed-through, and replaced by "[Netherlands (Spanish work?)]":

Thus someone, presumably a Wellesley librarian, had exactly the same doubts about the illumination that I did!

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