Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Other Tuns as Part of a Rebus

It occurs to me that a suggestion in the previous post will only seem plausible if the reader knows how common it was for a tun to form part of a rebus, so here are a few more examples:
Rings + tun = "Ringeston" (as discussed here).

A tun in a press = Preston

A tun marked MOR  = Morton.
In this case, the illuminator has mistakenly marked the tun "MOK", but the first page of the text includes the arms and name of John Morton, so we can be confident of the identification. (It it were not for the lettering and other evidence, one might guess that this border was painted for someone called something like Eagleton, or Hawkton.) A second example of Morton's arms and rebus is here.

A web search finds lots of examples in other media:
Shell + tun = Shelton

Mill + tun = Milton

Beacon + tun = Beckinton
Bolt + tun = Bolton
Pastoral staff over a tun = Abbot Overton's rebus
Bar + tun = Barton

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