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Otto Ege Leaves at UCLA

In Scott Gwara's recent book on Otto Ege's manuscripts, he lists a single leaf at the Charles E. Young Research Library at UCLA, which comes from the manuscript that is HL1 in his Handlist (and FOL1, i.e. no.1 in the Fifty Original Leaves ... portfolios).
UCLA, Charles E. Young Research Library
He had not visited the Library (he helpfully lists as his Appendix IX the "Collections Consulted in the Preparation of the Handlist"), and presumably knew of the one leaf only from the published catalogue: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts at the University of California, Los Angeles, compiled by Mirella Ferrari and edited by R.H. Rouse (1991), in which it appears with its Ege provenance.

In fact there are four other previously unrecognised ex-Ege leaves in this catalogue, plus at least one more at UCLA. In Gwara Handlist order, they are:
  • Cistercian Missal; Austria(?); c.1175
    • UCLA Rouse/XII/GER/2
    • Gwara HL2
    • Modern pencil foliation "144"; medieval red ink foliation ".LI."
    • Part of the Common of Saints(?), with parts of four Old and two New Testament readings: "||di & non est transgressus ... [Ecclesiasticus 31:10-11] ... [Proverbs 3:13-20] ... [Ecclesiasticus 39:6-13] ... [Wisdom 4:7-15] ... [John 12:24-26]  ... Qui enim voluerit [Luke 9:23-24] ||"
    • No published catalogue
UCLA Rouse/XII/GER/2, recto
UCLA Rouse/XII/GER/2, verso
  • Peter Riga, Aurora; England?, 13th cent., 1st half
    • UCLA 2/XIII/FRA/5
    • Gwara HL7
    • Liber Machabeorum, verses 253-350
    • Modern pencil foliation "87"
    • Ferrari and Rouse catalogue, p.119; "Written probably in central France"
UCLA, 2/XIII/FRA/5, recto
UCLA, 2/XIII/FRA/5, verso
  • Psalter; France; mid 13th cent.
    • UCLA 2/XIV/FRA/1
    • Gwara HL10
    • Psalms 85:4-86:6: "|| quoniam ad te domine ... qui fuerunt in ea ||"
    • Ferrari and Rouse catalogue, p.127; described as 14th-cent.
UCLA 2/XIV/FRA/1, recto
UCLA 2/XIV/FRA/1, verso
  • Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard, Book I; Italy; 15th cent., 2nd half
    • UCLA 2/XV/ITA/6
    • Gwara HL40
    • Includes on the verso the beginning of Dist.8, quaest.2, art.2 with a three-line initial: "Ad secundum sic proceditur. Videtur quod eternitas non tantum deo conveniat ..." [online edition]
    • Ferrari and Rouse catalogue, pp.142-3; "Philosophical Treatise"
UCLA 2/XV/ITA/6, verso
UCLA 2?XV/ITA/6, verso (detail)
  • Missal; Italy, Perugia; 1353
    • UCLA 2/XIV/ITA/15
    • Gwara HL122
    • Temporale, 15-18 August, with a seven-line illuminated initial for the Octave of St Laurence: "Probasti domine cor meum ..."
    • Ferrari and Rouse catalogue, pp.135-6
UCLA 2/XIV/ITA/15, verso
UCLA 2/XIV/ITA/15, verso (detail)
The call-numbers work as follows:
  • the Roman numeral is a designation of the century
  • the three letters following (FRA / ITA / GER / ANG) are a designation of country of origin
  • the preceding "1" or "2" is a designation of size
  • the final Arabic numeral is a running-number
There are two main series of leaves and fragments. One collection was bought from Bernard Rosenthal in 1962 and is included in the Ferrari catalogue; a second series was given by Richard and Mary Rouse in recent years (for which there is as yet no published catalogue); the latter have call-numbers beginning "Rouse" instead of the size designation.

UCLA Special Collections allow personal photography in the Reading Room for research purposes, but require readers to overlay any photographed item with a sheet of mylar with a semi-transparent UCLA 'watermark', making them unsuitable for professional publication. They have kindly given me permission to use such images here.

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