Friday, 31 December 2010

The MSS of Louis Fidel Debruge Duménil (1788-1848)

The Description des objets d'art qui composent la collection Debruge Dumenil (1847), written by his son-in-law Jules Labarte, is available online.

It includes some interesting manuscript items under the heading of "Calligraphie", including a Breviary of Henri Tomacelli, abbot of Montecassino, dated 1404 (no. 645), which later appeared in the Firmin-Didot auction catalogue, and a so-called Pontifical (actually a Benedictional) destroyed in 1871, begun for John, Duke of Bedford, and finished for Jacques Juvenal des Ursins (no. 646):

and at the end of the section is an illustration of the latter:

on which see Reynolds and J. Stratford, 'Le Manuscrit dit “Le pontifical de Poitiers”’, Revue de l’art, lxxxiv (1989), pp. 61–80.

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