Monday, 13 December 2010

A Walsingham MS

While at the Chester Beatty Library I also had the opportunity to look at the so-called Walsingham Bible (Western MS. 22) (on which see Kauffmann, Romanesque Manuscripts, no. 59).
Ker (MLGB, 2nd edn., p. 192) associates it with Augustinian Canons of Walsingham, but with a "?" as the only evidence is a leaf of a Walsingham rental bound in as the first medieval leaf of the volume (fol. 2).

On a back flyleaf, however, is inscribed in a late medieval hand "Domine dominus [noster] qua(m) admirabile est nomen tuum in universa terra [i.e. Psalm 8:2] Henric(us) Burnham" (fol. 135v).

There are several places just 5 miles north-west of Walsingham with "Burnham" in their name (Burnham Market, Burnham Thorpe, Burnham Overy, etc.):

and there was a canon of Walsingham called Henry Burnham:
so it seems that the 3rd edition of MLGB, currently in preparation, would be safe to omit Ker's "?".

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