Sunday 22 September 2019

The Name of the Rose (1986) - An Addendum

Since writing the previous post, I had another look on YouTube, and found a clip of the film in which Baskerville and Adso first visit the Library. All the manuscripts appear in the first 2 minutes of this 4½-minute clip:

This scene includes a few more shots of open manuscripts, mostly the same as the ones seen in the scriptorium scene.

Here Baskerville opens the Codex Manesse, as seen at the very end of the penultimate post:

Here Adso looks at the Facundus Apocalypse (Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, Ms. Vit. 14-2) [digitized here]:
And he turns the pages to look at a couple more miniatures:


Here he looks at the manuscript that I suggested in the previous post, when we saw it in the scriptorium scene, to be 14th-century French:
but this time we see some close-ups of an historiated initial:
and a marginal drawing:
which I assume not to be copied from a medieval manuscript, and just a fanciful invention by the film-makers, but perhaps loosely based on the Voynich manuscript [Wikipedia]:

We also get a better view of two more manuscripts from the scriptorium scene: the Arnstein Bible [digitized here]:
and the Silos Apocalypse [digitized here]:

One manuscript not already seen in the scriptorium is this one:
I know very little about medical manuscripts, and do not recognise it. Anyone?


  1. That medical MS:
    BnF Hébreu 1181 (14th cent)
    Zodiac Man on f. 264v.

  2. YES!! Thank you. The facing recto in the film is based on the following verso in the manuscript: (or else both pages are based on a very similar manuscript)



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