Sunday, 29 September 2019

The McCarthy Collection, Vol. II, Now Available

I have numerous blogposts in my drafts folder, but none that are ready to publish without some more work, so this weekend I will instead take the opportunity to advertise that a catalogue of illuminated manuscript leaves and cuttings, containing much new provenance information, was published a few weeks ago.

Basic details: 305×250mm; 248 pp.; 63 catalogue entries describing nearly 100 items; all reproduced in colour, often including the reverse side, and often with sister-leaves and/or comparanda in other collections.
ISBN 9781912168132.

It can be ordered from the publisher here, but does not seem to be available yet through Amazon or other sources.

Vol. I, covering Italian and Byzantine manuscripts, was published last year, and can be found here.

Vol. III, covering French manuscripts, should be available before the end of this year.

Here are a few random images of Vol. II to give a sense of the layout etc. [click to enlarge]:

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