Saturday, 9 July 2016

New Pages Recording Membra Disiecta

Google's Blogspot blogging templates allow for rarely-changing content, such as an "About" or a "Contact" page. I plan to experiment by using such pages to keep track of identified leaves and cuttings from dismembered books. In the past I have given lists of such leaves in blog-posts (e.g. here and here) and then added a series of addenda, when I learn of new leaves.

There are several dismembered books that I am actively working on as part of a catalogue of a private collection, and I hope that by making my lists available, it will encourage readers to send new information. To take one example, I currently know the whereabouts of only about a dozen of the 40-ish cuttings from the Burkhardt-Wildt Apocalypse, but I am sure that readers will know about others.

Among the manuscripts I anticipate tackling are:


  1. Re Burckhardt-Wildt Apocalypse: you may know these already, but there are two at the Detroit Institute of Art (see my blog on Detroit,, and I saw two last year at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library (I'll send you the photos if you don't have them already)

    1. Many thanks; I knew of Detroit, but I did not know of the Hill Museum & Library ones. The only other ones I know in public collections at the Wadsworth Athenaeum; Cleveland Museum of Art; Morgan Library; Walters Art Museum; and Stockholm National Museum.

    2. Hello, I would like to ask whether you have seen a reproduction of the Fourth Horseman miniature from the Burckhardt Wildt Apocalypse. (great blog btw Peter.)

    3. I only know the black and white reproduction in the 1983 Sotheby's auction catalogue. It is extremely similar to the BL miniature here:


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