Saturday, 23 July 2016

Boerner Auction Catalogue CX, 1912

On a couple of occasions in past blogs I have referred to the catalogue of an auction held in Leipzig in November 1912 by C.G. Boerner.

Looking through it again today, I spotted a leaf (lot 11), now Houghton Library, MS Typ 704(1):
but the Boerner provenance is apparently unknown at Harvard: it is not included in the existing bibliography or online catalogue description, but the online images prove that they are one and the same.

Unfortunately I made this realisation too late for inclusion in the forthcoming exhibition catalogue, but the exhibition and its catalogue will be accompanied by more detailed online descriptions.

Among the other items in the 1912 catalogue that are easily recognisable is lot 1:
now in New York Public Library:
Lot 9:
This leaf was later in Jacques Rosenthal's June 1931 exhibition catalogue [Catalogue 94]:
and is now at the Art Institute of Chicago (1944.704).

Lot 13:
belongs to a group of which others are at Chapel Hill, in a NYC private collection, and at the Glencairn Museum, Bryn Athyn, catalogued in the Philadelphia Leaves of Gold exhibition catalogue:

Lot 24 come from the Bernard Gui genealogy of the kings of France that I mentioned in a previous post as one of those books I hope to reconstruct on a forthcoming membra disiecta page:

This particular leaf was previously in the collection of Robert Forrer:

Likewise, lot 19:
also comes from the Forrer collection:

as does lot 43:

I do not know where lot 54 is now:
but it was re-sold in the Busch sale by Baer, 4 May 1921, lot 306:

Similarly, lot 51:
was re-sold in the "Lanna-Prag" sale as lot 32:

There are many other interesting leaves and cuttings in the 1912 Boerner catalogue, and I hope to identify more of them in due course.

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