Saturday, 28 June 2014

Jougla De Morenas, Grand armorial de France, available for download

I have just discovered that Henri Jougla de Morenas (continued by Raoul de Warren), Grand armorial de France: Catalogue général des armoiries des familles nobles de France ... (1934–1952) including the Supplément,  is available via the web as a series of PDFs.

Get them before the links break!

  • 1: van der AA – Bataillon
  • 2: de la Batardie – Coëtlogat de Clegrio
  • 3: de Coëtlogon – de Fieubert
  • 4: des Fieux – de Martimprey
  • 5: Martin – de Richaud
  • 6: Richaudeau – Zylof de Steenbourg et de Wynde (followed by Sources and bibliography)
  • 7: Supplément
For volumes 2–7 just change the numeral in the URL.

Here, for example, is the entry for the Hurault family, discussed in a recent post:

A few other books are available from the same website:

There is also a link to a very large heraldic bibliography, with links to digitized books, here.

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