Saturday, 22 June 2019

A Dismembered Book of Hours Once Owned by Count Durrieu: A Second Postscript

In a recent post (and a first Postscript) I discussed a now-dismembered Book of Hours that was described in a Sam Fogg catalogue in 1991. I now realise that it was still intact several years later, in 1997, when it was offered by Les Enluminures, Catalogue 6: Heures Me Fault de Nostre Dame / A Book of Hours, Too, Must Be Mine (Paris, 1997), no. 13, from which the images above and below come.

Like me, the Les Enluminures cataloguer found the script as well as the secondary decoration curious ("Ornament and script equally reveal Italianate or even Spanish influence") but attributed the main full-page miniatures to "the school of Provence (follower of Barthélemy d'Eyck?). Southern France, Aix or Marseilles, c. 1460-70". This explains the attributions found in later dealer catalogues describing single leaves.

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