Saturday, 23 February 2019

Another Cutting by the Master of the Brussels Initials

Here's another cutting to add to those listed in a previous blogpost, here. It is Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, MS McClean 201.13g, and its associaton with the other published cuttings is duly noted in Morgan, Panayotova, and Reynolds, Illuminated Manuscripts in Cambridge, I (2011), no. 188.

This one is St Andrew, whose 30 November feast-day fits neatly with those already identified, several of which belong in December.

In the Cambridge catalogue it is mentioned that the height of the musical staves is 35mm corresponds to the other cuttings, so it occurs to me to show the back of the Rijksmuseum cutting, which I saw and photographed last year, partly so that I could measure the rastrum, which is indeed c.35mm:

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