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Paths to Grace Exhibition Catalogue, 1991

When I originally started this blog it was my intention to post every week, even if it was simply to note the existence of a useful title in Google Books, e.g. here. Due to pressure of work I have not blogged for the past few weeks, and will probably only be able to write short blog posts in the coming few months.

I have recently had several reasons to want to consult the catalogue of an exhibition called "Paths to Grace", held at the Museum of Southeast Texas, from 28 September 1991 to 5 January 1992, by Lynne P. Castle, with an Introduction by Roger S. Wieck.

There are only 8 copies listed in Worldcat, none in COPAC, and none that I could find offered for sale online. I was eventually able to get a copy from the Museum itself; they apparently have a few left.

There are 35 items in the catalogue, all reproduced in colour.

  • Nos.1-12 were all from the Morgan Library, New York (MSS. M.273, 360.7, 360.20, 444, 478.16, 478.17, 716.4, 892.3, 851.4, 741.1, 885, ad 293, respectively)
  • No.13 was from the Biblical Arts Center Permanent Collection, Dallas (89.2)
  • Nos.21-25 were from the Menil Collection, Houston (CA 64100.01 - 64100.05)
  • Nos.26-35 were from The Met, and were mostly non-manuscript items

Of most interest to me are nos.14-20, lent by Bruce Ferrini. They were:

  • No.14. Cutting. Initial S with half-length bishop saint, attributed to Belbello da Pavia (?), Venice(?), c.1450-60, ex-Paul Durrieu collection (see image above)
  • No.15. Cutting. Initial N with the Three Maries and the Resurrected Christ, attributed to Guglielmo Giraldi Magri, Ferrara, c.1495
  • No.16. Leaf with miniature of the Mass of St Gregory, attributed to Jean Colombe, Bourges, c.1470
  • No.17. Leaf with miniature of the Entombment, attributed to the Salting Painter [now usually attributed to the Dunois Master], France, c.1450, ex-Frederic Spitzer collection, sold at Sotheby's, 6 July 2010, lot 19
  • No.18. Leaf from the Beauvais Missal, attributed to northern France, c.1300, ex-Harry Bober collection, now at the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, and on its website here
  • No.19. Leaf with miniature of St John on Patmos, attributed to the Master of Jacques de Luxembourg, Paris or Eastern France, c.1465, now at the Cleveland Museum of Art (discussed here and on the Cleveland website here)
  • No.20. Leaf with miniature in two compartments of Christ's Appearance to Thomas, attributed to Simon Bening, Bruges, c.1525-30, ex-Paul Durrieu. From the Enriquez de Ribera Prayerbook, whose known miniatures are listed here, listing the present leaf as "present location unknown"

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  1. Hi Peter, No. 15 is now Getty Ms. 49.
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