Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Companion Volume of the Jean Budé Liège Prayerbook

By coincidence, this week I came across what appears to be a companion volume to the Prayerbook discussed in a recent post.
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Baltimore, Walters Art Museum, MS. W.258 is an unusual Prayerbook with dozens of prayers, and indulgences totalling over 13,500 years. For a detailed description see Lilian M.C. Randall, Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery, Volume II: France, 1420–1540 (2 vols, Baltimore and London, 1992), II,, from which the two images above are scanned.

Illuminated apparently by the same artist (as far as I can tell from the two small black and white reproductions available), a follower of Maître François, the miniatures have several very similar features in common, such as the zig-zag path on the hillside to the left of each miniature (although it is mostly obscured in the Crucifixion scene).

Although the script is different, and the leaf-size somewhat different, in other respects the two books could almost be twins.

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